Figure 1a shows the first telescope that was installed to mount initially the MFI and operates since more than two years. To be able to have simultaneously in operation to both instruments TGI and FGI it has been built a second telescope that has been installed recently at Izaña Observatory (Fig. 1b).

                                     (a)                                                                                                                                                  (b)

Figure 1: QUIJOTE experiment two telescopes in their present location at Izaña Observatory (Tenerife).


The two telescopes have been fabricated by IDOM. Figure 2 shows a scheme of the second telescope with some of its basic characteristics, while in Figure 3 they can be seen some of the second telescopes parts during the fabrication process. Both telescopes are very similar except by some characteristics that have been improved in the second telescope respect to the first one. They are mainly related with a higher turning capacity to get an optimal sky covering and an extended frequency range until 150 GHz.


Figure 2: Drawing and characteristics of the second telescope designed by IDOM.


Figure 3: Second telescope parts fabrication.