Scientist contract EPI-CONSOLIDER at IFCA

The Observational Cosmology and Instrumentation Group at IFCA invites applications for a postgraduate contract within the framework of the project “EPI: EXPLORING THE PHYSICS OF INFLATION”, with reference CSD2010-00064, whose Principal Investigator is Dr. Enrique Martínez González.

The profile of the successful candidate should be that of a Physicist with experience in the analysis of data of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), the simulation of maps of the CMB and the separation of the different componentes.


  • Component separation from Plank and QUIJOTE CMB temperatura data.
  • Component separation from Plank and QUIJOTE CMB polarization data.
  • Validation of source catalogues from Planck and QUIJOTE data.

Deadline for the submission of applications: 23/10/2012