Relevant Publications

"Astronomía", April 2014. Planck Mission. First cosmological results.

El Pais. April. 2013. La mejor imagen del Universo


The school will review the physics of the CMB and the fundaments of high energy phenomena which left an imprint in the properties of this cosmological  radiation. The school will start with   a review of the main topics  of modern  Cosmology and the Standard Model of Particle Physics,  followed by a series of lectures on the physics of  Inflation and the Very  Early Universe. The basic properties of the CMB (spectrum and anisotropies) will be at the core of the school and will  be deeply treated.  A detailed view on recent experimental developments and their implications on Cosmology, in particular on dark matter and dark energy will be given.   Current efforts to measure the polarization of the CMB and experimental future perspectives  to search for the imprint of Primordial Gravitational Waves in the polarization pattern of the CMB will be also subject of dedicated lectures. Special attention will be paid to the main statistical analysis techniques used to extract the cosmological information from the CMB  data.   The interaction of the CMB with hot plasma in clusters of galaxies and other large scale structures of the Unvierse will be reviewed. Seminars will be given on the more recent results in this field.


Non-scientific audience

We will present the project and its results to the general public via this website using a less-scientific language.  Our EPI team has a large experience in public outreach and we will maintain this effort by giving public talks to explain the scientific background and the role that the project will play in solving key questions in cosmology.  We also plan to include QUIJOTE as one of the topics in the presentations made to the primary and secondary schools in their regular visits to the IAC and IFCA (especially during the Science Week in November).

Scientists not involved in CMB and inflation physics

We plan to inform to scientists outside the field about the project and its results through generic scientific journals such as ‘Scientific American’, 'Revista Española de Física', etc. This web page will also contain material for this audience. We consider that this is also an important part of the outreach activities since it might provide an interdisciplinary view of the project and can also encourage young researchers to consider careers in this field.