ONE postdoctoral contract EPI CONSOLIDER II 2013

The IAC (Tenerife, Spain) invites applications for ONE postdoctoral contract within the framework of the project entitled “EPI: EXPLORING THE PHYSICS OF INFLATION”, with reference CSD2010-00064 (see ), whose Principal Investigator is Dr. Enrique Martínez González.  One of its nodes is the IAC (Cosmic Microwave Background), where the Principal Investigator is Dr. José Alberto Rubiño Martín.

The detailed announcement can be found here:

Tasks: The tasks for this position are divided in two projects: the PLANCK satellite and the QUIJOTE-CMB experiment. The detailed list of activities is:

  • QUIJOTE. The post-doc will participate in the data analysis of the QUIJOTE MFI instrument (11-20GHz), as well as in the commissioning phase and first observations with the QUIJOTE TGI instrument (30GHz). The main responsibility will be the production and characterization of the daily polarization data; development and application of map-making algorithms; the extraction and characterization of the astrophysical components (with special emphasis in the Galactic anomalous microwave emission); the power spectrum estimation and  the cosmological implications.
  • PLANCK. The successful candidate is expected to work in any of the following research lines: study of polarised foregrounds; impact of primordial magnetic fields in the maps; cosmology with galaxy clusters.
  • Combined analysis of QUIJOTE and PLANCK. The characterization of the galactic astrophysical components which will be present in the QUIJOTE and Planck maps, namely synchrotron, free-free, thermal dust and anomalous emission.